Did somebody say jump?

Most of my life I have lived in apartments and/or townhouses with postage stamp sized backyards. And so it is no big surprise that I never had a trampoline.

I know I jumped on trampolines as a child – so don’t feel too sorry for me – but I can’t remember who these wonderful contraptions even belonged to.  What I do remember is that every time someone got hurt. Usually by falling through the springs or bouncing right off the edge.

Battle scars from a trampoline were common. Worn with pride. Really because we had no other choice. Trampolines were dangerous but like with so many other situations at that time we children simply faced the dangers while our parents were forced to take a somewhat blind eye.

My own experiences with trampoline mishaps could very well be the reason I had never thought about getting one for my own girls. Not seriously at least.  Until we moved in this house from our apartment. And finally had a yard.

I remember thinking that a trampoline would be a nice addition in a few years when the girls were older. Well…it’s been 3 years since we moved in and I just started thinking that now would be the perfect time to seriously start the search.

The name Springfree had been on my mind because of their sponsorship of last years Leading Mom events. I was seriously impressed by their design and the fact that it eliminated the need for a trampoline injury rite of passage.  Also – they looked cool.

When the girls and I were invited to attend a private Springfree event with a group of Vancouver Mommy bloggers it was the perfect opportunity for us to try them out in person.

The event was great. Lots of wonderful people. Lots of delicious food. And lots of bouncing.  We had a great time – as you can see from these photos:

Springfree has introduced an awesome new interactive, digital gaming system called tgoma that you can use on the trampoline. The girls loved it and I loved the idea of screen time that was also active time.



And I also learned a lot about Springfree, tgoma and trampolines in general.

I could also tell you how much fun the girls had but I thought I’d give them the chance to do that temselves:

Reflections from a 10 year old:

Me and my sister went to the Springfree trampoline event. I had so much fun. There were so many kids there. My favourite trampolines were the basketball hoop trampolines and the normal one. I also liked the tgoma trampolines too. My favourite game was Fruitants. I liked the kids corner.

I took these pictures when we were there:



I told my mummy I really want us to get a trampoline because we could stay outside and have so much fun for the whole day.”


Reflections from a 7 year old:

T: “Mummy what should I write about?”

Me: “Whatever you want but really I want to know what you liked best about the trampolines.”

T: “Okay. I’m going to tell you 10 favourite things then.”

Me: “Great…go for it.”

  1. The trampolines – because they were so bouncy & fun.
  2. That there were no springs on the trampolines because I have fallen through the springs before at my friends house and it hurt my leg. I didn’t get hurt this time and that was very good.
  3. Video games (tgoma) – because they were fun. My favourite was the food one.
  4. The food – because it was delicious.
  5. The Outside Trampoline – because it was fun to bounce in the rain.
  6. The Basketball Hoop Trampoline – because I like throwing balls.
  7. I “super super loved” the face painting – because they are really good artists that did the face painting and I’m glad I got the flowers and the butterfly. IMG_6096
  8. The Building Where all the Trampolines were – because it was big enough to hold so many trampolines for every one to jump on.
  9. I’m “super super super happy” for the people that work there – because they are nice and they made sure we were safe on the bouncy trampolines. IMG_6097
  10. Hmmm…maybe it should just be a top 9 list.

And so it is…

The trampolines are pretty much all they can talk about since the event. They are both desperate to get one and make their feelings known on a regular basis.

Time to bring hubby back to the store with us next time. Once he’s had a ‘bounce’ I think we will be all sold on the idea and can finally make it happen.

See you soon Springfree!




One thought on “Did somebody say jump?

  1. […] nearly a year – since we attended a blogger party at the Springfree Trampoline store – they have been asking to get one. Begging really. Offering to forego allowances and […]


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